Navadarsha Vidyalaya owes its inception on February 15, 1979. Having started its academic journey with 4 students, initially the School was housed at several homes at Navadarsha. Gradually it moved to what is now the Community Centre. The School besides having its own building, it now has an English medium as well, opened in the year 1994 with 43 and 238 students in the English and Bengali mediums respectively. A dedicated Computer Coaching Centre has started operating from January 10, 2012 for students of Class II to Class IV.

Scholarships are available for meritorious students.



  Bengali Medium

  1. Smt Mamata Roy (Teacher-in-charge)
  2. Smt Gargisree Das
  3. Smt Jharna Chakraborty
  4. Smt Kakoli Roy Choudhury
  5. Smt Maya Bhattacharjee
  6. Smt Nita Roy Choudhury
  7. Smt Rita Chakraborty
  8. Smt Seema Bhattacharjee
  9. Smt Sulagna Choudhury
  10. Smt Supriya Roy

  English Medium

  1. Smt. Chandana Chakrabarti
  2. Smt. Sumita Roy Choudhury
  3. Smt. Maitry Deb